Hello !

Thank you for taking time to browse my website !

I am Femke de Jong, a freelance illustrator-designer and educator from the Netherlands. I have been active as an illustrator/designer for clients worldwide from my studio in Bristol, UK since 2008.

I am interested in telling a story through my images, often whimsical and curious.

By mixing organic, mechanical elements I create collages with a classic, yet contemporary feel.

I am visually inspired by nature and daily life around me and also from surrealists like Max Ernst and Hannah Höch but also Jan Svankmajer, Gilliam, Arcimboldo and many more.

Some of my clients include : BBC Magazines, New York Times, Times Higher Ed, Radio Times, Reader's Digest, Management Today, AOI, Resource Magazine, WLDnet, Mac User, Bookery Cook, WMS Spears, Alimentarium, Le Monde 

​If you have any questions, comments, commissions or interest in my work, please contact my rep - or send me a message by using the contact form below, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.